Sunday, August 10, 2008

To do list !!!

Hi everyone... For your information, this is the latest to do list. Hm... to do list about make money online is more longer compared that list. Hehehe... Not because i'm otai but i'm still newbie.

So no more talk for a while because my PSM (Projek Sarjana Muda) is the most important thing to do now. huhuhu... Insya Allah starting from this Disember we will start our LI (Latihan Industri). Owh ya we will invite you all to come to our wedding ceremony may be end of this year.

Lastly i really appriciate to bro shuth because of the WC gath. Thanks to all my sifu that i meet there. Hm.. may be i is the last one to update this. Ok buddy. Share Everything!